Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Interview with Cleo on Central Asia

Cleo was interviewed by Kyrgyz journalist Gulnura Toralieva on Central Asia. Sample quote:

"When the Soviet Union fell apart it left Central Asia with three legacies, with three different problems which made unification or regional stability a little difficult. One is that the physical infrastructure was designed for a whole not just for a regional whole but a pan soviet whole. So the actual physical infrastructure was designed to be able to enforce cooperation even if it really doesn’t make sense. Second, the legacy of the legal infrastructure has a similar problem. The most obvious example is the borders, which divide tribes and language groups. Also, this inherited legal infrastructure can cause problem with, for example, water and power sharing agreements. Third is that Central Asian countries are starting to experience cultural polarisation and social fragmentation which makes resolving the first two issues more difficult."

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