Monday, January 4, 2010

Cleo quotes galore... (New York Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Bloomberg, BBC)

Over the last few months, Cleo has been busy. She has been quoted in a range of articles. 

In an article on Bangladesh, the New York Times, wrote: 

Paskal, of the Royal Institute, said Bangladesh, by pouring money and research into new ways to deal with climate change, is actually protecting the world from conflict.
"We need a stable India, and [climate migration] has the potential to destabilize India," she said. "If we try to put pressure on India to take in refugees, we're undermining our credibility in India's eyes."
But, Paskal said, Bangladesh "is a nation of serious, hard-working people. It is their adaptive capacity that is cushioning us from some of the worst impacts."


In an article about the Arctic, Bloomberg quotes Cleo:

``The situation is changing very quickly because of climate change,'' Paskal said. ``There's unquestionably going to be dramatically increased traffic through the Arctic.''


Another article about the Arctic, this time in The Telegraph, also quotes Cleo. You can read that one here.


If you click here, you can read The Guardian's report on Cleo's work on maritime boundaries and the potential for countries to legally disappear.

And in the lead-up to Copenhagen, the BBC's The World Tonight presented a panel to discuss the significance of metting. Host Robin Lustig was joined by Professor Steve Rayner of Oxford University, Mike Hulme Professor of Climate Change at the University of East Anglia, Chair of the House of Commons Select Committee on Climate and Energy, the Labour MP Elliot Morley and, yes, Cleo.

You can hear it by clicking here.

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