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Everyone agrees that increased friction between India and Pakistan would be unfortunate, but there is an air of inevitability about it. New Delhi is coming to the realization that it has to do something about its hostile neighbor. “Terrorism is a clear and present danger in India, and many of the most serious attacks have links to Pakistan, including the 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament, the 2008 Mumbai attacks, the 2011 Mumbai bombings, and the attack this January on the Indian air base at Pathankot,” Cleo Paskal, a Trudeau Visiting Fellow at the Montreal Centre for International Studies, told me late last week.

... [Indian] outreach did not help. For one thing, the prime minister of Pakistan doesn’t run the country as Paskal notes. The military does.
“If the Pakistani military wanted peace with India, there would be peace with India,” she said to me. “And Pakistan’s military has the strong backing of China, in part because it suits Beijing to destabilize India.”