Friday, June 28, 2013

Quoted in Time Magzine about Ethiopia's dam on the Nile

Quoted in 'Ethiopia’s Plan to Dam the Nile Has Egypt Fuming', by William Lloyd George. 


In spite of the uncertainty surrounding the dam project — and its potential to create friction in the region – it could ultimately turn out to bring greater harmony to the countries through which the Nile flows. “If transparency is increased then this dam can be a great opportunity for the region to work together,” says Cleo Paskal, a specialist in water and food security at London’s Chatham House think tank. “Ethiopia will now be a stakeholder of the Nile and it will be in all the countries’ interests to increase dialogue and to protect the river in a way that benefits all.”

Friday, June 21, 2013

Interview (radio): Cleo on a German documentary about water resource tensions

'Der Kampf um die Ressource Wasser' broadcast by Deutschlandradio can be heard here. Cleo is quoted as saying:

"Das Projekt ist Ausdruck größerer geopolitischer Verschiebungen in der Region."


"Der politische Status quo in der Region hat sich nicht nur durch den arabischen Frühling massiv verändert - auch neue Akteure spielen eine Rolle, beispielsweise China. Der Staudamm ist daher nur eine von vielen Veränderungen in der Region. "


"Somalia zerfällt. Der Sudan ist inzwischen geteilt. Und Ägypten hat mit seinen eigenen Problemen zu kämpfen. Dank der Schwäche der anderen kann Äthiopien seine Rechte am Nilwasser stärker einfordern."

Your guess is as good as, no better than, hers as to what it means.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Quoted in Financial Times on Ethiopia's dam on the Nile

From, 'Water: Battle of the Nile' By Katrina Manson and Borzou Daragahi.


“This is about Egypt being weakened and Ethiopia becoming stronger in comparison,” says Cleo Paskal, a water security expert at Chatham House, the London think-tank. [...] 

But a piecemeal approach will not resolve the deeper regional imbalances. “This colonial-era paradigm is locking conflict into the system,” Ms Paskal says. “Unless it’s broken out of, it will just get worse and worse.”

Monday, June 10, 2013

Interview (radio): Cleo on Background Briefing talking about IEA report and strategic issues

To hear Cleo interviewed by Ian Masters on Background Briefing about everything ranging from super storm Sandy to global security, click here.