Sunday, September 28, 2014

Audio: Interview with Andrew Koltun from Academic Council on the United Nations Systems about Robert Kaplan's Coming Anarchy, Australian strategic positioning and Jonah from Tonga


In this Special Issues episode of the ACUNS Podcast series, award-winning writer and geopolitical expert, Cleo Paskal, joins co-host Andrew Koltun. Paskal discusses the influences and legacies of Robert Kaplan’s widely-read 1994 article, “The Coming Anarchy”. Specifically, Cleo examines the ways in which Kaplan’s ideas and images of African politics and society affected media approaches to understanding and reporting foreign policy issues afterwards, long after its publication. She also discusses a recent television show, Jonah From Tonga, produced by the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC). Paskal expresses strong criticisms of this controversial show, which she describes as an example of “Australia’s establishment racism”; she provides insight into the depth of the production’s inappropriate nature and failed satire; and remaining on the subject of how and why “ideas matter”, she addresses the potential implications of the show both for Tongans around the world, and at a national and international level within the dimension of Australian foreign relations and regional cooperation.

You can hear the interview here.

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