Thursday, May 15, 2014

Coverage on reporting

The article on EVMs was picked up in several other venues, including:

New Delhi: The crucial process of counting the votes will begin tomorrow on Friday, May 16th and the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) have played an essential role and will continue to do so.
The Huffington Post, an American news website, has raised serious questions about the credibility of EVMs at such a critical time when India is just a day shy of getting the results of Lok Sabha Elections.
The doubts raised by the website are not only confined to the machines but they are also related to the authenticity of election process in the country.
Cleo Paskal, an Associate Fellow at Royal Institute of International Affairs, wrote an article for the website and claimed that the results of 2009 elections were doubtful. It was estimated that the results declared were not accurate.
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Meanwhile, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy also tweeted on Thursday that around EVMs of around 25 to 40 were tampered but even then National Democratic Alliance (NDA) will be able to win following the Modi ‘wave’. He has always been someone who had opposed the modern machines at several occasions.
This is not for the first time, that someone has doubted the authenticity of the machines. The article published on the Huffington Post website say that only EVMs can come in the way of Narendra Modi to stop him from becoming the next PM as exit polls have already projected his elevation.

An EVM tag found by AAP candidate Medha Patkar's workers on roadside
in Mumbai, about which she complained to the Election Commission
By Our Representative
World’s powerful online media chain “Huffington Post”, two days ahead of the Lok Sabha poll results, had said that the electronic voting machines (EVMs) in Indian polls could be easily manipulated. In an authoritative blog by Cleo Paskal, adjunct faculty, Manipal University, India, the HuffPost, as it is popularly called, said EVMs were unsuccessful in several countries of the world, including the Netherlands, Germany, and Ireland, after they were found to manipulate poll results. Interestingly, Paskal said, the exit polls had predicted Narendra Modi would win the polls, and “the only thing that might stand in his way is an electronic voting machine (EVM).”

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