Friday, April 16, 2010

Global Warring in New Zealand

Cleo Paskal was just in New Zealand, where she she gave a talk at the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs (Auckland). Coincidentally, one of the main New Zealand climate change blogs, Hot Topic, ran a comprehensive review of her book at about the same time writing in part:

 "Paskal’s book is spirited and interesting. Her background in journalism probably contributes to the light touch with which she conveys some potentially heavy geopolitical material." (for more, click here.)

Hot Topic also covered her New Zealand Herald feature on the disappearance of islands and the potential EEZ implications (you can see the Hot Topic post here). As these things go in the blogosphere, all this coverage seemed to raise the ire of some at who thought this was all about what they consider to be the fallacy of anthropogenic climate change. A discussion ensued.

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