Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alan Hustak Reviews Global Warring and Profiles Cleo Paskal for The Metropolitian

Eminent writer Alan Hustak reviews Global Warring and profiles Cleo Paskal for The Metropolitian. It begins:

Everyone in the non-stop debate on climate change has an opinion, but how much consideration has been given to the potential  seismic shift  in international diplomacy  that can be attributed  to  global warming?  What happens to nation states, to the realignment of political boundaries, and to shifting corporate interests as we become even more dependent on fossil fuels, and as forests disappear, farmland is exhausted and sources of fresh water evaporate?   This month, Veteran Quebec journalist  

Cleo Paskal  raises the ante in the debate with  her book, Global Warring, which makes the  powerful argument that the map of the world as we know it  is about to be redrawn as resource rich countries try to protect their natural sources of energy  and others  aggressively  try to secure new ones.... 

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